Saturday, March 18, 2006

Map of Cathays Cemetary

I've started sectioning the graveyard up into more manageable plots. Using the link on the title of this post you can download an xml file which defines a Google Earth data layer. If you open this file with Google Earth it will show you the Cathays cemetary sectioned into smaller areas. Area 1 is highlighted in red because I photographed it today.

As each section gets completed, the appropriate area will be highlighted on the map - an easy way of tracking what is going on and how much has been completed.

The photographs for the first section are being uploaded to an area of my website for distribution to all you nice transcibing people who want to help with the transcription... there are 507 shots in the first batch - some of these have two headstones per image if the inscription quality is sufficient to allow it. Some of the headstones have multiple shots per inscription where the headstone was difficult to see or the lighting was poor. You can get at the raw data here:
I'll make an html page to coordinate this in the morning.

But before we get stuck in we need to decide how we are going to store and publish the data. I would suggest a spreadsheet initially as this can easily be used to transfer the data to HTML format or a database. However, the question is do we want to simply take the inscriptions like I've done on the OGRE website (ie., date of death, SURNAME, other names, inscription) or try to make it more structured by indicating family relationships.

Ok, I'm off to watch the new Willy Wonka movie as my brain is now officially zapped and this requires no thinking power whatsoever.



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