Thursday, March 23, 2006


I've updated the main page with a few bits and pieces today.

Mainly, the changes are to the status page, and the addition of some more links which can be used to access the master copies of the updated spreadsheets. As each section is transcribed, I'll tweak the formats etc and load the data into the master spreadsheet and publish it here. Also, when we complete a section I'll put up an HTML page so we can see how the finished project will look - I need to think about this one though because it might need to be a database driven page.

More photogrpahy to come next week - I've got a week off and want to complete several more sections of photography.



At 3:47 AM, Blogger Charlotte said...

Hello Richard,
I live in Michigan, USA and came across your website searching for my ancestors burial location.
I understand that Cathays cemetery open in 1859 and closed abt 1951. Was this the only cemetery for residents of Cardiff and surrounding areas? If so, I'm on the right track.
How's the project coming along?
I commend you in your efforts to help others like me, who desire to see where our ancestors where laid to rest.
Ran across any "Painter" surnames yet?

My hearfelt "thanks" to you AND all your volunteers!!!

Charlotte Painter


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