Friday, April 21, 2006

Section F1, F2 and C2

This section is completed.

I will be creating a test database and put this section on-line shortly as it is a nice small section (only 64 images) and this can be used to test the functionality of the database.

Any ideas for functionality to be included can be emailed to me.


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

New batches of photographs

Several new batches of photographs are now available for transcription.

Please have a look at the south map to see the areas in red which have been done recently. These are areas O1, J1, F1 and F2, D1 and C1. All of these with the exception of O1 are online and ready.

Just for information, F is a conservation area, and D1 is a Catholic section with many more ornate grave markers than the other sections so far.

Grab your keyboards!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Section 5 images/spreadsheet ready for transcription

Section 5 is ready to go - I've made sure that there is only one headstone per image, there are no images of the stonemasons marks or the plot numbers.

There is a new spreadsheet for section 5 on the site, with some updated instructions. Please have a look at the instructions as these will help the post-transcription process of re-formatting the data into a consistent format.

The status area of the page tells you which images are assigned to which transcriber.

As soon as one of the sections is completed, I will be transferring that section into a database which we then need to test to see if it can do what we want it to do for searching and delivering the image data to the end-user.

Thanks for all the help.