Friday, March 24, 2006

Database required

I think the best way to publish this online is via a database as there's simply too much data to produce static HTML pages.

If this is done correctly, we can add other municipal cemeteries to the data at will without changing the setup. I'm currently investigating mysql as the backend as this is a free resource offered on many webservers, is widely supported and most importantly, can be accessed using SQL. This will make publishing pages from the database pretty straightforward.

However, publication of the data as a DVD is another issue - given the first two sections are around a CD's worth each - and that you can get about 8 CD's worth on a DVD... you will see that the entire cemetery will not fit on a single DVD. Of course the new DVD formats in the pipeline may well take care of this as they can fit up to 50 gigibytes of data on them. Even so, to publish the full cemetery in this way would be costly and time consuming.

Anyway, I'm progressing with the database at the moment - as soon as I have one section up and running it will be available from the main CATHAYS.HTM page we are using for the project.



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