Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Glamorgan Record Office

I had a very interesting mail today from the Glamorgan Records Office, who in principal think it's a good idea to index the graveyard. I think we should attempt to cross reference the burial index with the plot numbers, and hence the gravestone images and publish the whole lot online... assuming we arn't all six feet under before we finsih that is...

Here is the mail:

>We were very interested to hear of your project to document the burial plots at
>Cathays Cemetery. The Glamorgan Record Office holds a duplicate set of burial
>registers for the cemetery, dating from 1859-1951, and we received regular
>enquires from members of the public wishing to consult these registers for
>family history research purposes. As far as we are concerned, you would be
>welcome to visit the Record Office in order to index these volumes during our
>normal opening hours, which can be found on our website
>Please note, though, that these volumes are not the property of the Record
>Office. We merely hold them on behalf of the owner, Cardiff City Council. As a
>result, you would need to contact the Council in order to obtain permission to
>publish your index, either in hard copy or over the internet. The department
>which is responsible for the cemetery registers is Bereavement Services. They
>can be contacted by e-mail at


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